It organizes your frequently used text snippets in customizable categories
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PhraseExpress is a handy application that will help you type a lot faster, as it allows you to assign hotkeys and abbreviations to frequently used words or sentences. It’s a powerful text expander that lets you create and manage any number of templates and combinations.

I’ve been truly impressed by its comprehensive text snippet organizing capabilities. It lets you easily categorize the text snippets using folders and subfolders, and this makes using the expandable abbreviations a much simpler and more efficient task. Anyway, PhraseExpress is not only a powerful text application that expands abbreviations into full text snippets. It also offers a really useful auto-complete function that can automatically finish entire sentences on demand, according to predefined settings. There are also plenty of handy additional features, including a neat spell correcting function, an enhanced clipboard manager that can store multiple clipboard entries, and even a program launcher.

Every little aspect about this tool shows that PhraseExpress is truly made to optimize and streamline your text writing activities. For example, it doesn’t come with an actual interface that may hinder with your daily routines. Its options can be accessed via a system tray icon. Using it is also pretty simple and straightforward. It will take more time to actually memorize some abbreviations and hotkeys than to get the hang of the program.

To sum it all up, this powerful tool is very useful, especially if you are working in an office and have to deal with requirements that involve text writing on a daily basis. Since it’s also freeware and it has no flaws or drawbacks, I can only recommend this tool with all my heart.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can automate repetitive tasks.
  • Includes an enhanced clipboard manager.
  • Can corrects spelling errors.


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