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PhraseExpress is an app that eases your writing activity
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PhraseExpress is an application which makes your writing activity easy to carry out; namely, it allows you to insert predefined templates and frequently used combinations of words simply by means of a few keystrokes or by typing previously configured abbreviations.

The program doesn't actually have an interface that would block your view when composing a text. Instead, you find it hidden in the system tray for quick access to phrase types and suggestions for fast text processing. This kind of software is very well suited to office workers who have to write formal texts on their daily work, often respecting a pattern. Adding new expressions for later use is very easy; you simply enter the editing mode and set a series of details that will help you quickly insert the phrase in question into a composition. In this regard, you have the ability to append to each content a combination of keys that will work as keyboard shortcuts. Alternatively, you can save a short association of characters that will expand the whole text once you use it. Both the configured hotkeys and abbreviations are quite useful when writing; however, such options have the disadvantage that you need to memorize them.

What's also remarkable about this utility is that you can attach a short description to each text fragment or template; you can consider it a sort of title for the attended content. This will help you organize the database into folders and subcategories for quick access to the most commonly used phrases.

Above all, the most important feature is text prediction. Such function is of great help since it eliminates repetitive typing; in other words, whether you enter a sentence several times, the program somehow memorize it and offers to auto-complete the phrase in question the moment you start to type it once again. A closer insight within the tool's functions reveals other impressive features, such as the ability to insert pictures, tables, or current date and time to text content. In addition, you can make use of automations for opening files, folders, and web pages with combinations of keys that you need to configure.

All the above mentioned features make out of PhraseExpress a reliable program when it comes to fast composing texts. The database is highly customizable to correspond to each user's needs.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Corrects spelling mistakes.
  • Defines hotkeys for commonly used phrases.
  • Text prediction function.
  • Expands text abbreviations.
  • Eases your writing activity


  • The editing window is rather dull and unattractive.
  • The menu is not intuitive enough
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