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Save time by automatically inserting frequently-used phrases in your texts
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Many of us write letters, e-mails and other texts in which we use repetitive words or phrases, such as greetings and signatures. Also, when writing school or job reports, it is not uncommon that we need to write complicated terms.

This free program is designed for inserting such words and phrases automatically in our texts. We only need to add those repetitive texts to the program and set it up to insert the texts when we push a key or when writing a combination of letters and/or numbers. Also, we can insert manually the text we need by clicking on the program's icon (found in the task bar) and choose the text's name from the pop-up menu (see the attached screenshot).

In Windows 7, it is necessary to customize the task bar to show the program's icon instead of hiding it. Either method will allow us to save a lot of time when writing. The program is not very easy to learn, but once you master it, you will see that it worth the effort.

The program is free to use for non-professional users. The program has a "professional use detection" feature that activates when you store work-related words or phrases such as "services", "products", "fees" or other. If you use the program for professional purposes, you are asked to purchase a license, which will give you several advantages, such as the possibility of using the different add-ons available on the developer's site.

Victor Hernandez
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