PhraseExpress 15.0

Use Text Autocompletion and recorded macros in any application

Writing similar texts and snippets repeatedly with none or just a slight variation not only makes typing a tedious and tiring task, it also makes you more prone to making mistakes. PhraseExpress not only saves you typing time, it also provides you with templates and great ideas to make your clerical work easier and as error-free as possible. When used in a network, all users will be able to share their work with each other and follow the same rules to avoid the most common mistakes.

The program is a fairly comprehensive tool full of features and utilities designed to tackle all the most common typing routines in the most professional way. Neatly organized into categories, PhraseExpress offers you a clear view of the most common types of documents and text snippets, Outlook add-ins, macro functions, AutoCorrect terms, salutations and e-mail signatures, famous quotes, etc. All of these categories and their multi-level hierarchy can be easily customized to fit your writing habits.

Once it has learned from your writing and typing habits, the program will start autocompleting all those words and phrases you tend to use more frequently using the internal database it has built automatically out of your most common words and text snippets. You can create auto text abbreviations that you can assign to any number of phrases – the program will open a menu from where you can choose the one that fits the current text. PhraseExpress can also combine static phrases with your own contributions for a richer writing experience. A spelling correction feature will also help you to produce error-free and cleaner texts almost effortlessly – it will learn from your most common spelling mistakes and will help you to avoid them in the future. Alternatively, you can import extra AutoCorrect entries from Word. Actually, you will need to have Microsoft Word - or a similar text editor capable of opening DOC files – in order to edit any document created with PhraseExpress, as that is the only output format supported.

This utility is much more than just a spell checker or a grammar revision tool – PhraseExpress has been designed to help users type faster and more accurate in a personalized way. This means that this program will interact differently with every user, learning from their habits and recurrent mistakes to provide a custom-tailored solution to each of them. Add to this the extensive choice of features (both basic and advanced) and functions available and you’ll understand why a certain learning curve is needed to make the most of it. Such a wealth of features has a price, and not precisely a cheap one, especially if you opt for the Professional or Enterprise editions. The main difference between the Standard and these other two editions lies mainly in the amount of functionality they provide, which grows exponentially from one edition to the next.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Option to use it for free for not commercial use
  • Offers categories for the different types of texts
  • Includes standard and advanced features
  • Integrates with Outlook
  • Creates Word sample documents
  • Includes a clipboard cache


  • Requires third-party tools for certain features
  • Pricey tool
  • Requires a learning curve
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